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Dorcas Heart is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that supports the underserved in our local communities. We provide essential items (hygiene supplies, sleeping bags and blankets) to the homeless, deprived individuals and families to ensure they are clean, warm, dry and well.

Our vision is to prevent humiliation, restore hope and human dignity by providing the basic needs of homeless and deprived individuals (sheltered and unsheltered). We do this by providing some necessities to live, a warm blanket, a sleeping bag, toothbrush, soap and some food.  This not only brings the basics to survive, but it provides hope for another day.

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Hygiene Supplies

Our goal is to prevent humiliation, restore hope and human dignity by providing essential hygiene items

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Blankets/Sleeping Bags

According to the U.S. Census Bureau (2020), more than 300,000 Dallas residents live in poverty and

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Food & Clothing

During our visits to homeless encampments in the South Dallas area, we provide lunch and clothing

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Become A Proud Volunteer

Dorcas Heart relies on the skills and expertise of our volunteers to support our mission.  We seek individuals with integrity, empathy, and desire to make the communities in which we work and live a better place by providing support to the ones who need it the most.  In return, Volunteers make a difference in our community, inspiring real-world change by educating, connecting, and serving the homeless, individuals and families in need, one HEART at a time.We can only achieve our mission through the efforts of our volunteers. We are so grateful for all of our volunteers. All volunteers must schedule in advance – no “walk-in” volunteers are accepted.

Our Team

Mena Enaohwo


Mena Enaohwo, overcame the challenge of deprivation growing up in a third world country to create

Ochuko Ogbon

Lead, Procurements

Ochuko is passionate about helping people and is committed to using her skills and time to

Sepiribo Young- Harry

Lead, operations

Sepiribo fondly called “Sep” oversees the operations of the organization with responsibility for day-to-day operations, including


Dorcas Heart Team, 

As the 2022 ice storm approached, my staff and I were distressed that several of our students might not have winter weather gear.  We were deeply concerned about them staying warm.  We contacted the Dorcas Heart Team and expressed our concern.  Within days, the Dorcas Heart Team provided hats and gloves to our students in need.  Our students were so excited to receive the items, and our staff was relieved to know that the students would have some extra protection against the winter weather. 

From the bottom of our hearts, Thank You Dorcas Heart for providing for our students, and #MakingAnImpact. 


Director of Student & Staff Services, Coppell ISD

Director of Student & Staff Services, Coppell ISD

One of my students was incredibly excited to receive the gloves and hat.  They said that it made them feel cared for and like they mattered to someone.


Counselor, Coppell 9th Grade Center

Counselor, Coppell 9th Grade Center

Thank you so much.  The gloves and hats could not have come at a better time.


Counselor, Coppell Middle School East

Counselor, Coppell Middle School East

An elementary student who received a hat and gloves from Dorcas Heart said, “Now that I have a hat and gloves, I can throw snowballs outside.”


Counselor, RJ Lee Elementary

Counselor, RJ Lee Elementary

I gave the hats and gloves to a young man who in addition to going to school also works to help support his family.  Most of his work takes place outside.  He was so thankful and appreciative.  The items were much needed and much appreciated.

Thank you


Counselor Coppell High School

Counselor Coppell High School
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