Who We Are

Dorcas Heart is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that supports the underserved in our local communities. We provide essential items (hygiene supplies, sleeping bags and blankets) to the homeless, deprived individuals and families to ensure they are clean, warm, dry and well.

Our vision is to prevent humiliation, restore hope and human dignity by providing the basic needs of homeless and deprived individuals (sheltered and unsheltered). We do this by providing some necessities to live, a warm blanket, a sleeping bag, toothbrush, soap and some food. This not only brings the basics to survive, but it provides hope for another day.


To Make an Impact by Doing Good; inspiring real-world change by educating, connecting, and serving the homeless, individuals and families in need.






Homeless Served

What We Do

Dorcas Heart provides sleeping bags, blankets and hygiene supplies to 150+ homeless/deprived individuals on the last Saturday of each month. Dorcas Heart also partners with local school districts to provide hygiene supplies to children, improving their self worth and allowing them to appear clean with a fresh breath.


Hygiene Supplies

Our goal is to prevent humiliation, restore hope and human dignity by providing essential hygiene items to homeless and underserved individuals (sheltered and unsheltered) in South Dallas, ensuring that they are clean, warm, dry,

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Blankets/Sleeping Bags

According to the U.S. Census Bureau (2020), more than 300,000 Dallas residents live in poverty and almost 600,000 live in housing distressed households. Of the 2,000 beds in Dallas shelters, the majority are full

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Food & Clothing

During our visits to homeless encampments in the South Dallas area, we provide lunch and clothing to ensure no one goes hungry or is without basic clothing.

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